Saturday, 19 October 2013

Fathers Day Train, Cake number three

Fathers Day Train Cake

So, after making a 3D tatty Ted cake 
 and the Hello Kitty cake,
 I had definitely got the baking bug. I was loving coming up with ideas and seeing what I was capable of making.

Fathers day was coming up and what better gift for my dad than a home made cake! And I knew exactly what the cake was going to be! 
My dad loves trains, so straight away I knew it just had to be a train cake, and I had really enjoyed the challenge of making a 3D cake before, so that part was easy, but I didn't want it to look like it was for a child's birthday, it had to look like a grown up cake, so I started to google pictures of Hornby trains, and went out to buy my ingredients.

I was disappointed with quite a few things on this cake :( Most of the errors were down to rushing, I had spent plenty of time planning the cake, but didn't really leave my self much time to make it. Oh well, it's the thought that counts, and my dad loved it!

I baked three loaf tin cakes and a Swiss roll cake.
I placed one of the loaf tin cakes upside down, left a gap and placed the other loaf tin cake the right way up for the truck and the other loaf tin cake was chopped up to make the cabin, the Swiss roll was placed on the upside down loaf tin to make the front of the train.
I butter creamed it all together and covered the whole thing in butter cream, then started icing, and this is where all the problems started!
My icing was either too sticky or too dry, I just couldn't get it to go right and cracks started to appear! The wheels were absolutely terrible, but at this point I had no circle cutters, so I had to roll balls and then squash them, and because the icing was drying out they all cracked around the edges. 

But anyway, it all got iced in the end, and I don't think it turned out too bad, especially considering I am still very new to this, this only being my third ever cake!
Shame I couldn't decorate the board. I was going to but I ran out of time, and icing.

I finished the cake off with edible steam and edible coal!

I am looking forward to my next cake challenge :)

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